Fourth Wall

Monday, October 30, 2006

Shocking Revelation!

I've been getting up early the past few mornings to work on a piece of my BA paper, and I've made the rather shocking discovery that I really like to do my writing assignments in the morning, as opposed to late at night. I'm thinking more clearly.

This discovery has not come early enough to prevent me from staying up all night tonight working on my mid-term paper for Professor Fulton.

I'm not sure where Latin fits into this schema. I'm not sure where Latin fits into any of my schemae, actually.

IN OTHER NEWS: I like a guy who'll help me with my coat.

IN OTHER, LESS OPAQUE NEWS: Found a Fall Formal dress yesterday afternoon on the clearance rack at Marshall Field's (which I refuse to refer to as Macy's). It's a) blue and b) spectacular.

IN OTHER OTHER ALSO NEWS: A certain friend named Dan (and which Dan will be made clear by the context) IMed me last night to ask, "Will you still love me if I become a Marx scholar?"

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Our Home Grown Disturbed Pyromaniacs are Obviously Superior"

I've been re-reading They All Speak English? and insist that you go do so as well. It seems to be on hiatus, but it should give all of you who aren't familiar with the current political discussion about the Welsh language a nice introduction to what people (politicians and private citizens) are saying about the Welsh.

Or at least will tell you why I'm fed up with Anglophilia and/or being told that Welsh is a "silly language," however well meant. And explain what that sticker on my laptop is.

"Llanfairpwll is a humorous invention made up to attract tourists, like the Royal Family."

"Let's face it, anyone stupid enough to obey the command of a caravan probably isn't worth converting to our cause."

A well-written and (acerbically) witty blog, however, might just do the trick.

Right. Still have a blog.


Look at my fancy, newly updated, still bilingual side-bar!

My latest nerdy online obsession: checking the Inter Library Loan website to see the status on my requests-- although one only took a day (thank you University of Iowa).

Plan for the day: lunch w/ Mordu, reading saint's lives, acting class, writing about saint's lives, meeting with the Henry IV director about Welsh folk music (let's try *not* to use Ar lan y mor), writing some more about saint's lives... this is what we call "fun with mid-term week". Oh, right. And Latin translation for tomorrow.

The perpetrator of the following quote has asked to remain anonymous, but it's too good to pass up. Context: there's now a facebook group called "Why can't the guys at the U of C be more like Mr. Darcy?".* Thus:

"I've never understood that. Mr. Darcy's a jerk. I'm a jerk. Where are the girls?"

* As you may remember, I for one have opined that the guys here are a bit too much like Mr. Darcy-- smart and arrogant.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

That's it.

The whole world is on my hate list today.

Except the International Medieval Bibliography. And my new best friend, the space heater.*

Oh, and Garett. Why, you ask?**

Exhibit A:
G: hrmmm, there is a flaw in your plan.
G: which is that the Holy Roman Empire is actually an empire incognito. Its neither holy nor roman nor an empire. You'll have to find it first!
G: (I've heard rumors its behind the couch, so you might want to check there)
A: well, we just moved this couch.***
A: and didn't find the Holy Roman Empire.
G: hmmm it must have moved then.
A: but we were moving it for the sole purpose of me plugging in my laptop.
G: well maybe the HRE decided to take advantage of the situation and now resides inside your laptop
A: that's why it's so spastic!
G: you know what that means! You've probably got Martin Luther stuck in there somewhere
A: no, *that's* why it's so spastic.
G: precisely! Your computer must have a bad case of protestantism.
G: indeed.
A: I'll have to get it to the Jesuits.

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm bribing myself. I've promised myself a present if I keep on top of all my work this week (that is, from Tuesday night-Tuesday day). Don't know what it'll be, yet, but something interesting, I'm sure.

*I shall call him...Larry. Larry the space heater. For St. Laurence.
** I was going to say "because he'll play pretend with me," but that sounded wrong.
*** This was true. Carolyn and I had just moved the couch six inches to the left in order to accommodate my power cord.


Monday, October 16, 2006

Keeping our Priorities in Mind.

From a History Department E-mail:

"All 4th years are required to attend as part of their BA seminars. Professor Harris is a very interesting and brilliant historian, and you will be fed afterward."

Friday, October 13, 2006

Guess who's taking the GRE today?



Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mae hi'n bwrw eira!

It's snowing!

Well, it was, at least...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I just realized that I have to take the Analytical Writing section of the GRE on a Qwerty keyboard!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Diolch yn fawr iawn, Vanessa, am y bisgedi.*

Thank you very much, Vanessa, for the cookies.

*I'm not entirely certain that "am" is the correct preposition there.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Vanessa says she's been having trouble commenting on posts. If anyone else is having this problem, drop me an (e-mail, IM, hand-written, cuneiform, or whatever) line.