Fourth Wall

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Worst Lent Ever.

Lent began with the news about Father Mike, and ended with an absolutely gutted Easter Vigil at St. Cecelia's, in which five Old Testament readings were cut and you couldn't understand the psalms because the music director got so carried away. I was lonely. I missed Sukie, and Anne, and Margaret, and Emily. I missed Fr. Mike. I argued with Patrick almost constantly. My grandmother had another, minor, stroke during Finals Week and they thought she was going to die. Finals Week was hell, with four papers due in three days, I ran out of my medication, and all the coffee I was drinking made me ill.

Easter has not been much better. So far, since Sunday, I have discovered that I owe the IRS about 144 dollars in a "Self-Employment Tax", started taking Core Bio, been on a frantic search for a Sosc section, and eaten Easter Dinner in BJ dining hall. I have three reading classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I can't work on Calvin, because the book is not at the Sem Coop yet (I ordered it on, and I don't know what the Tocqueville assignment is, because I don't have a Sosc section yet! I still need to replace Brian's wine glasses, and I broke my comb this morning. *stress, stress, stress*

However, much of Spring Break was nice. Here's a look at the lists and statistics:

Restaurants Patronized:
Brandy Ho's (Hunan, with Mom & Dad)
Creighton's Bakery (Sandwiches)
Ton Kiang (Dim Sum)
Mel's (Diner, with Mom & Dad)
La Pinata (Mexican, in Newark, w/ Fr. Keyes, with the candlestick)
Lovejoy's (A shabby, English-Style Tea House, with Mom)
Cafe Museo (Museum Cafe at SFMOMA)
Dragon Well (Chinese, with Grandma & Mom)
Los Jarritos (Mexican, with Mom & Dad, while watching an NCAA game.)

Home Cooking:
Dad's Pork Chops with Candied Yams and Green Beans
Alice's Famous French Toast
Mom's Meatloaf (made by Alice & Patrick)
Alices' More Famous Lemon Merengue pie.
Pan-Fried Salmon, Asparagus, and Brown Rice
Mom's Waffles

Performances Seen:
San Francisco Ballet (From the Boxes!)
Contemporary Music Players

Museums Visited:
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Nerdiest Conversation:
John, my parent's friend, with Patrick, over Math.

Cats Petted:
Two (Genevieve has a crush on Patrick).

Too Much.

Dollars spent on Bart rides to Newark, CA:
18.50 each.

Bought while Running Errands on Saturday:
Five Shirts
A Jacket
A Hot-Water Bottle
A Teapot
Two kinds of Tea
Toothbrush head replacements for an eco-friendly toothbrush.
Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunny Crackers (Patrick: "I am against Goldfish and all their kin. And this is definitely Goldfish kin!)
And a can of Polyurethane varnish.

Now I need a new comb.