Fourth Wall

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Overheard outside of Joxer Daly's Pub:

"No, but I *know* lots of Irish."

Freedom comes slowly... or to the tune of my father's office shredder. Last night, after speaking with Patrick (who my father continues, invariably, to refer to as Peter,) I realised I couldn't honestly love Christ, and yet hold sadly on to such remnants of my past. So I recycled the rest of the books (threw out the hardbacks), tossed several other items, and put the cards (both decks) through the shredder... all the while repeating Hail Marys and feeling as if the sky would fall.

It didn't, the shreddings are in the compost, and when I went outside, it was starting to rain.

I love rain.

Perhaps I have been reading too much of St. Terese, but you know nothing so perfect can really be accidental...

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Since Patrick Won't Tell the Story...

And if he does, he won't tell it right...

When arguing over the radio station...

Kateri: They were playing Matchbox Twenty earlier!

Joe: But this isn't Matchbox Twenty, is it? This could anesthetize small animals.

Patrick: Yeah, well, Matt, I have two words for you... Marty Haugen.

Alice: Patrick, that was Joe...

*look of horror from Patrick*

Matt: Hey Patrick, how does your foot taste?

Patrick: Sorta like crow...

Monday, March 15, 2004

Done! To the showers with me.

Finals Week Check-In

Needed: 6 pages of coherent philosophical analysis.

By: 12:00 Noon, Monday

Have: Slightly over one page of Incoherent quotations and ramblings.

Time Check: 11:41 pm, Sunday

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Today in RCIA, I figured out what bugs me about this school- people take a very long time to say things of mediocre importance.

Skill to develop: in intellectual conversation, be able to make points or ask questions in two sentences or less.

This is the point in finals week where I oh-so-elegantly panic.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

On Exorcists & Confessors

Fr. Yakitis: "He is dealing with evil and sin 24/7. I just deal with it three times a week and by appointment."

Thursday, March 11, 2004

EOMFBRP v. 2.0

Equal-Opportunity Making Fun of Boys Reading Period, Redux got off to a good start this morning with "putting on socks is a complexity in your life?" which, I suppose, was more amusing in context.

There *was* no quiz last night! But I'm glad I went to the discussion session anyway... I just wish that I could have relaxed beforehand.

Breck lost against the Med School, 32-37. It was fun to watch the game, though.

Doing Hum(e) today, then I have Patrick time all evening, starting with Mass. We are going to see Sukie in her play.

Jared's homework assignment is to download and listen to Dire Strait's Romeo and Juliet. I think he'd identify with it.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Random Things I Learned at the Lesson Mass

Liturgical candles must be at least 51% beeswax.

The phrase "hocus pocus" comes from a protestant interpretation of the latin words of institution... "this is my body...". I am sure that someone who is an even greater nerd than I (Nick H...) knows the Latin.

The things in the Cathedral that I thought looked like confessionals with strange chalice artwork on them actually contain fifty-gallon vats of holy oil. They look like confessionals because they used to be... confessionals!

The hosts we use at Calvert are made by Benedictine nuns in Missouri.

Best slip ever...

Fr. Mike: "In an orthodox service, the priest would have gone behind the iconoclast..."

There were others which I am sure I will be remembering as time goes on.

My father wants to know what I want as a confirmation gift. Ummm... I finally get to kiss the man I love, isn't that good enough?

I told my mother about Patrick, and explained that, despite the use of the phrase "dating" to simplify the situation, we are actually not dating. Really!

Sunday, March 07, 2004

If I had known that Patrick was going to show up this morning with Schmidt chocolates, I would have worn a more attractive pair of pajamas.

Today, for the first time, I made somebody's quote board.

Nicole: "Why are you guys dressed up?"

Alice: "I spilled honey on my favorite pants yesterday."