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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Are you Doing Today, Dear?

Goals for the day:

1) Have a good breakfast.
2) Hide in a nook in the Pontifical Institute for Medieval Studies and work with the primary sources for my Devotional Lit paper
3) Finish my annotated translation for Welsh
4) Drink much tea.

Yesterday started out extremely exciting (note sarcasm) with cleaning out the produce bins in the fridge, and ended with me falling asleep reading EB White as Tristan worked at my desk. In the middle it was quite exciting because I learned that I passed the MA exam, and then Tristan took me out for a light dinner and drinks, where I rediscovered my deep love of a Strongbow cider with blackcurrant on a hot day.

I'm quite sure I couldn't have passed without your prayers, thoughts, and crossed fingers (at the very least to prevent me from panicking myself into failure), so-- Thank You.


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