Fourth Wall

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Almost Done

Fueled by much candy, (courtesy of Vanessa), I'm moving steadily towards finishing my Tolkien essay, due at 5:00 this afternoon. Once that's done, I'll be done for the year— Sosc was due a week ago, followed by my Bio Exam and Bio Essay. The Calvin final paper was due 8th week (I don't get it, either).

Then follows much packing, moving, and shipping of boxes. Tomorrow night Mr. Fasolt is hosting a dinner at the Med, to celebrate the end of our Calvin class. Patrick and I are going to spend a day on the town some day this week, going to a museum (to be decided), and generally enjoying ourselves. Friday is the Mass at Calvert for Graduating Seniors, and a celebratory luncheon afterwards. Saturday, Patrick graduates, and Sunday I go home.

I'm going to go shower so that I'm nice and clean for Vanessa's brunch.